All Being Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace

Ayn Rand


I first saw this documentary about two years ago on BBC2 and it remains one of the finest, if not the finest documentary I’ve seen. Adam Curtis manages to draw upon what appears to be obscure links and pull them together to identify a big and fascinating picture. If you are looking for some answers to the current financial situation then watching this video is a must.

2 thoughts on “All Being Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace

  1. I’ve watched your video. It spends a lot of it’s time on fallacious association by juxtaposition, and a lot of time on irrelevant alleged details of Rand’s personal life.

    Are you aware that Ayn Rand’s philosophy advocates the abolition of the Federal Reserve? As soon as Greenspan used the Fed to manipulate interest rates, he betrayed Ayn Rand’s philosophy. Are you aware that the financial sector is among the most heavily government-regulated markets in the US? Are you aware of the giant push by the US government to subsidize home loans to those who couldn’t afford them? (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?) This push for “every family to own their own home” was motivated not by individualism, but by government paternalism.

    Here are my videos. There is a link to a short video and a link to a longer lecture course: What Caused the Financial Crisis?

    1. I was unaware that Greenspan betrayed the philosophy, to be honest, I don’t know much, other than the elementary principles of objectivism. Furthermore, I felt that the documentary’s abstract approach works well for those that may not be too familiar with Rand’s work and her philosophy.

      And yes I was aware that the financial sector is very regulated. As for government subsidies, over here in the UK the Chancellor announced something very similar called the “right to buy.” The government are trying to fund another housing bubble.

      I’ll watch the video and get back to you.

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