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This is a projection from The Economist and it suggests that the world’s population is going to increase from a figure of 7.2 billion to 9.6 billion. When you look at the first graph what is striking is the fact that all populations seem to be increasing dramatically except Europe. I also read this article last week on Quartz that stated 1 in 5 African’s by 2050 will be Nigerian. Have a look.

World population projection
World population projection

Paul Krugman on BBC HARDtalk

Although this interview was conducted some twelve months ago Professor Krugman’s arguments about how to end the Great Recession are more potent than ever. Professor Krugman is a well known Keynesian and he has been advocating for more government expenditure. Although the government in the UK are extremely unlikely to change from its programme of fiscal consolidation, empirical evidence does suggest that substantial government spending is the most effective method to restoring economic growth during a recession. Krugman used the example of America post 1930 and Roosevelt’s “New Deal,” an economic plan designed to boost the American economy through government spending.


Read Of The Week

Hello world. As I mentioned in a previous piece I wrote in October 2012 the Euro zone is in a precarious economic and social position. Having said that, some of the highest earning CEOs reside in the nations most affected by the fiscal consolidation polices being adopted within the area. These policies have contributed to the huge levels of unemployment and led to high levels of social discontent.

This piece is from global economic website Quartz. Take a look.