Read Of The Week

This week’s read comes from Vice Online and it is an explosive read to say the least. Vice’s Greg Palast discusses a certain memorandum that highlights how the global financial crisis unfolded. Certain events seemed to have been choreographed in order for the period of unfettered market capitalism to go unregulated around the world.

I’ve covered the global financial crisis many times on this blog, my piece here, where I elucidate certain facets about the shift in rhetoric about government spending and on this post I display the brilliant documentary from Adam Curtis about the global financial crisis. If you have not seen it, please do. The article from Vice will make even more sense as many of the people in question are featured.

All Being Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace

Ayn Rand


I first saw this documentary about two years ago on BBC2 and it remains one of the finest, if not the finest documentary I’ve seen. Adam Curtis manages to draw upon what appears to be obscure links and pull them together to identify a big and fascinating picture. If you are looking for some answers to the current financial situation then watching this video is a must.